Weddings at FCC

Our goal is to enable marriages that are based on God’s love. We want to help make your wedding a joyous one and wish you every happiness in your marriage.

Some commonly asked questions…

How many does your sanctuary seat? 250 people.

Do you allow non members to be married at the church? Yes.

Can we use our own minister? Yes, provided contact and arrangements are made between FCC’s Senior Minister and the officiant performing your ceremony.

Is premarital counseling required? Yes. The couple is responsible for scheduling three, one-hour sessions with the pastor. If another officiant is performing the ceremony, he or she is responsible for letting FCC’s Senior Minister know of the couple’s completed premarital counseling sessions at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.

How far in advance can I book a wedding? Church member weddings can be reserved up to one year in advance. Non-member weddings may not be scheduled earlier than six months before the wedding date.

What is the procedure for booking a wedding? Wedding dates and rehearsals are secured with a non-refundable deposit of $250 applied toward overall fees. Remainder of fees are due no later than two weeks prior to the rehearsal date. Once a date is booked and appropriate paperwork completed, couples are connected with FCC’s wedding facilitator who meets with the couple prior to the rehearsal, during the rehearsal, and on the day of the wedding.

To check on available dates, to inquire about fees, or to receive a copy of our Wedding Policy, please call 479-442-4674 or send us an email via the online contact form.

Blessings in your planning!